Get all subscription orders created by Recurpay

Response Params

All Orders Object

orderarray of objectsArray or objects containing the order details. See Order - Object

Order Object


Order Object

The response of the order API might differ depending on the connected platform on Recurpay.

idintegerOrder Id - A globally-unique identifier of order
checkout_idintegerCheckout Id - A unique value when referencing the checkout that's associated with the order.
subscription_idintegerSubscription Id - A globally-unique identifier of subscription related to the order.
namestringOrder Name - A unique identifier referring to an order.
line_itemsobjectA list of line item objects, each containing information about an item in the order. See Line Item - Object
transactionobjectObject containing transaction details. See Transaction - Object
customer_idstringCustomer id - A unique identifier referring to the customer associated with the order.
payment_order_idstringPayment gateway order id
currencystringCurrency of the order
subtotal_pricefloatSubtotal of the order
total_discountfloatTotal discount applied for the order
total_taxfloatTotal tax paid for the order
total_shippingfloatTotal shipping paid for the order
total_pricefloatOrder total price
statusenumStatus of the order.
shipping_addressobjectShipping address associated with the order.
shipping_linesobjectShipping rates and name associated with the order.
created_atdatetimeDate and time when order was created.
updated_atdatetimeDate and time when order was updated.

Line Item Object

variant_idstringVariant id of the line item that needs to be added.
quantityintegerQuantity of the line item.
propertiesobjectAdditional information which needs to be passed along with the line item on checkout and order.

Transaction Object

gatewaystringName of the payment gateway
modestringMode of the payment. Eg: Either card, upi, cod etc.
recurringbooleanIt can be either true or false, depending on whether recurring transactions are allowed on the payment mode used for the transaction.
transaction_idstringA globally-unique identifier of transaction.
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