Update a plan on the Recurpay dashboard

Request Params

Plan Object

idintegerPlan Id - A globally-unique identifier.
namestringPlan Name - A customer facing name of the plan.
descriptionstringPlan Description - A customer facing description of the plan.
typeenumPlan Type. The value is:

regular - Recurring payment would be received.

prepaid - Upfront payment would be received.
statusenumStatus of the plan.

Active - Plan will be active and visible on storefront.
Inactive - Plans will be inactive and not visible on storefront.
productsarray of integerArray of product id's belonging to this plan.
delivery_policyobjectPlan policy which describes the delivery details. See Delivery Policy
pricing_policyobjectPlan policy which describes the discounts and pricing details. See Pricing Policy
billing_policyobjectPlan policy which describes the recurring billing details. See Billing Policy
shipping_policyobjectPlan policy which describes the shipping details. See Shipping Policy
trial_policyobjectPlan policy which describes the trial details. See Trial Policy
manual_payment_gatewayobjectStatus and details of manual payment gateway activation on the plan. See Manual Payment Gateway
visibilityenumPlan visibility on storefront.

Visible - Will be visible to the end user.
Hidden - Will be hidden to the end user.

Visibility is irrespective of the status of the plan.

Pricing Policy

discountobjectDiscount applicable on plan.
Note: The discount will be applicable on top of the product price and other discounts. See Discount Object

Discount Object

typeenumThe type can be of:

percentage: Type of discount applicable on plan
valuefloatThe discount you want to offer on this plan. The discount will be calculated on top of product price and other discounts.

Delivery Policy

frequencyintegerThe delivery frequency.
intervalenumThe delivery interval, it can be either: day, week, month or year.

Billing Policy

frequencyintegerThe billing frequency.
intervalenumThe billing interval, it can be either: day, week, month or year.
auto_expireobjectDefines billing expiry of the subscription charges. See Auto Expiry Object

Auto Expiry Object

statusbooleanStatus of auto expiry. Value : true, false
frequencyintegerThe expiry frequency.
intervalenumThe expiry interval, it can be either: day, week, month or year.

Shipping Policy

statusbooleanStatus of plan shipping, it can be either true or false.
typeenumType of Shipping, it can be either

free_shipping - Free shipping for this plan

charge_on_first_order - Charge shipping rate only on the first order for subscription.

charge_on_every_order - Charge shipping on every order created for subscription
pricefloatShipping price of the plan

Trial Policy

statusbooleanThe status whether the trial is applicable or not.
frequencyintegerThe trial frequency
intervalenumThe trial interval, it can be either: day, week, month or year.
descriptionstringDescription of the trial plan
productsarrayArray of Variant Id's which needs to be given for trial.

Manual Payment Gateway

statusbooleanThe status whether the manual payment gateway needs to be shown on checkout for this specific plan. It can be either true or false.
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